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Beauty, Reviews April 26, 2017

Frezyderm Baby Bath and Shampoo

Bathtime is a pretty big deal in our house, you could actually go as far to say it’s the main event of the day! No matter how tired and grouchy Max is getting, as soon as we pop him in the big tub full of warm H2O his little face lights up, the whinging stops and the splashing begins.

Beauty, Reviews March 29, 2017

Collagenesis By Skinn Review

Collagenesis is an anti-ageing range designed for all skin types with the aim to prevent early signs of ageing and for the treatment of mature skin. Whilst at 33 I may not quite fall into the mature category just yet, my skin is definitely starting to show signs of ageing so I’m always looking for ways to try and slow nature down.

Beauty, Reviews February 27, 2017

Benefit They’re Real Big Sexy Lip Kit

When Benefit produce a new product, it is often a pretty big deal. They work hard on their formulas to create something that actually does what it says on the tin, and they work equally as hard on the packaging, which is always fabulous. Their latest offering is their They’re Real Big Sexy Lip Kit, RRP Β£24.50, which comprises of four lip products that are like no other.

Reviews February 22, 2017

RJ Apparel Instagram Shop Review

The latest Instagram shop that I’ve come across during one of my regular browsing sessions is RJ Apparel. Established in March 2015 and run by Kiera, RJ Apparel has proven a big hit during it’s first year in business and is just a few followers away from reaching an impressive 3,000 – that’s great work for just 11 months in the game.

Reviews February 17, 2017

Little Chickie Baby Leggings

When Little Chickie got in touch asking me if I’d like to review some of their items I didn’t hesitate to say yes and headed straight to their website where I found THE cutest selection of baby leggings I have ever seen and I immediately added three pairs to my basket.

Lifestyle, Reviews February 15, 2017

Monochrome Nursery Storage Set

I’m sure most parent’s would agree that when it comes to nursery storage there’s no such thing as too much. Max’s nursery is full of storage baskets and toy boxes, yet I still found myself running out of room to put things. This monochrome nursery storage set from Minene is the latest addition to our collection, and it’s most definitely my favourite.

Reviews January 31, 2017

Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nail Trimmer

Always on the lookout for the latest in baby gadget technology Adam recently purchased an electric baby nail trimmer on Amazon made by ‘Little Martin’s Drawer’. 24 hours later it arrived on our doorstep and from that moment on it’s quite simply been one of our best, if not the best, baby purchases we’ve made to date.

Lifestyle, Reviews January 27, 2017

The Lewis Changing Bag by PacaPod

When it comes to the perfect changing bag I have quite a specific list of requirements. It needs to be spacious, practical, comfortable to carry, stylish and something that doesn’t look too baby like, and the range of bags available by PacaPod meet every one of my requirements and more.

Reviews January 12, 2017

Bee Minor Instagram Shop Review

With natural living at the forefront of Keren’s mind she uses only the best organic material for her clothing, wanting to help protect your little one’s sensitive skin. I try my hardest to source organic clothing for Max rather than chemical heavy standard cotton and this is one of many reasons I love the clothing that Bee Minor has to offer.