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Weaning January 9, 2017

Quick and Easy Baby Purees

Time is precious when you become a Mum. You have a mountain of chores to do and mouths to feed and now you’ve started weaning there’s a new little person to consider when it comes to mealtimes. I spent hours researching quick and easy baby purees that could help me introduce Max to new flavour combinations. And the added bonus is that some of them were ‘no cook’, saving even more time in the kitchen.

Weaning November 21, 2016

When to start weaning

I’ll be honest, the whole idea of weaning scared me a little bit and I couldn’t get my head around it. What foods should I start with? What foods should I avoid? How much food should I be feeding him? Honestly, it’s a minefield. We’re now 4 weeks into our weaning journey so I thought I’d share some of my hints and tips.