Travelling has always been a big passion of mine. Since I was little I was fortunate enough to go on two holidays a year and I have such fond memories of the precious time I spent with my family, playing in the sun and exploring some beautiful countries.

I had always hoped I would be in a position to give Max the same experiences I had when it came to travelling and having already been to Orlando and Dubai before he’s 9 months old he’s quickly racking up the stamps in his passport.

I’m keen to capture as much of our holidays as I can, so Max can look back in years to come and see for himself all the amazing adventures he got up to whilst he was little. Each place we go to defines and shapes us as a family, whilst also helping connect us to those we love.

I took so many photo’s in Dubai and it seems a shame to not share some of my favourites. These are the photos that I know we will look back at in years to come and that will make us smile at the memories we have made. These are the photos that tell our story…….

After a 3am start we finally reached the check-in desk and Max was in surprisingly good spirits considering the very early wake up call. We flew with Emirates and were lucky enough to get bulkhead seats and the extra room was handy when travelling with a baby. 7 hours later we touched down in Dubai.

My niece and nephew have loved the water ever since they were tiny, and I’m pleased to say that Max is following in their footsteps. They spent hours splashing around with him in the pool which was so cute to watch, they adore having a baby cousin.

Is there anything cuter than a sleeping baby? After a fun morning in the pool Max took a well earned siesta, which gave Mummy and Daddy a chance to relax.

This is probably one of my favourite photos ever. I love an action shot and the expressions on both my Mum’s and Max’s faces are priceless.

Babies are such delicate creatures aren’t they? Max has a habit of grabbing faces and hair at the moment and once he’s clamped on it’s pretty hard to get him off, his grip is so strong. This photo shows him at his best with a fist full of Daddy’s mouth in his hands.

This picture perfectly captures the beautiful accommodation we stayed in whilst in Dubai. We were lucky enough to stay in one of the villa’s, known as the Royal Residences, and it was luxury at it’s finest. It was a once in a lifetime experience.

This was the first time Max ever experienced sand. I must admit I’m not a beach lover, usually preferring to stay by the pool, but we wanted Max to go to the beach and have a bit of a sensory experience. He absolutely loved it and spent all afternoon playing with the sand, he was covered in it by the end of the day and it took ages to get it all off of him but it was worth it to see how fascinated he was by it.

Everything about this photo makes my heart melt. Those eyes! That smile! Those toothy pegs! This photo is the definition of beauty in my opinion and one I will cherish forever.

A rare family shot. I always seem to be behind the camera these days and have noticed that there’s barely any pictures of the three of us together. That’s something I really regret already so going forward I’m going to make a conscious effort to step out from behind the camera.

This is from the light and water show that we watched at Dubai Mall. We paid to go out onto the water to watch it, partly to escape the huge crowds that had gathered and partly as we wanted to get the best possible view. It was worth every penny and was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever witnessed. The lights go in time to music and I spent the whole time with tears in my eyes. It was truly breathtaking!

Max has never been keen on hats, always pulling them off the moment we put one on him. He was rather taken with his uncle’s cap though and kept it on all afternoon. He looked like a right little dude!

Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Dubai

I couldn’t not put this photo in here. Our hotel, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, was by far the most amazing hotel I have ever stayed in. This is the hotel at night, all lit up, and I think you’ll agree that it is a beautiful sight. I just love the reflections in the swimming pool in this photo.