Did you know it costs a whopping £230,000 to raise a child until the age of 21? That’s more than the cost of the average house! However the baby years are relatively cheap compared to what’s to come – nursery fee’s, school trips, driving lessons….it’s easy to see how you can reach that eye watering figure without even realising it.

As a first time mum I was guilty of rushing out and buying all the must have ‘essentials’ ahead of my son’s arrival – telling my husband that I had to have it and I most definitely will use it! He wasn’t convinced and tried to talk me out of almost every purchase, but not wanting to rain on my parade, or mess with a hormonal woman, he begrudgingly, and sensibly, handed over his credit card anyway.

We’re now a year down the line and I hate to admit it but my husband was right – half of the stuff I bought was utter crap, totally useless, and a waste of money! So from one mum to another, and in the hopes of saving you some money, here’s my top 10 useless baby items you can definitely live without.

Nappy bin

These bins promise to lock away odours – but what they don’t tell you is you’ll be hit in the face with the ungodly stench of week old poo when it comes to emptying the damn thing! And don’t even get me started on how expensive the refills are. We used ours for a week before realising it’s shit – and it’s shit at dealing with shit!

Bath thermometer 

You do not need a thermometer to tell you if the water is too hot. If you put your hand in and it feels too warm – it probably is! Trust your gut and don’t panic – you won’t end up boiling your baby alive.


You will use it for approx 3 minutes before your baby realises they don’t like it. It will send them into a fit of rage and they will writhe and arch until they flip right out of it. If you really want to try it out ask a friend if you can borrow their one – I promise they’ll have one in their loft collecting dust.

Stuffed animals

These little buggers will multiply! Everyone loves to buy stuffed animals for your new baby. But they’re boring, your baby won’t be interested and all they do is clutter up your home. So for the love of all babies out there…..please don’t buy anymore.

Ewan the Dream Sheep

This one divides opinions. Some mums swear by it’s magic but it did absolutely nothing for us. Ewan promised my baby would sleep – but he didn’t!!! Save yourself £30 and download a white noise app for your iPad instead. Plus if you ask me, that sheep has a proper evil look in his eyes.

Baby oil

Only useful if you think you may need to grease your baby up and throw them in the ring for their first wrestling match. The stuff takes forever to soak in and if you’re not careful your baby will just slip straight through your fingers.

Baby shoes

A tiny pair of flip flops may look cute but they are certainly not the ideal choice of footwear for a baby. I’m ashamed to admit I spent £25 on some baby Havaianas that never saw the light of day. This one is up there with my biggest regret to date.

Baby bedding sets

So cute……so pretty……so pointless! They always include cot bumpers which are dangerous and shouldn’t be used in a baby’s cot. Plus the duvet covers shouldn’t be used until 12 months onwards. Save yourself a fortune and just pick up a few fitted sheets.

Nasal aspirator

Otherwise known as a snot-sucker! Just the mere mention of this sends shivers down my spine. 60 seconds of trying to suck snot out of a screaming newborns nose was more than I could handle. This disgusting contraption went straight in the bin.

Top and tail bowl

If you really feel you need dedicated vessels for the washing of your little ones face and bum then a couple of plastic bowls from your local pound shop will do, not a £10 top and tail bowl. The same goes for a baby bath, it’s totally pointless. Just pop them in the kitchen sink – it makes for an adorably cute photo moment.

There you have it – the most useless baby items I rushed out to buy which are now gathering dust in the spare room. You may not all agree with me however, and you may even love some of the items I’ve mentioned, if so let me know!