I’ve made no secret of our struggle over the years to conceive. Month after month I’d find myself obsessively trying to monitor my cycle and track my fertile dates, using those little sticks you’d wee on first thing in the morning. They were never that reliable and in the end I decided they made me more stressed out so I binned them all and gave up really.

A few months ago Ava Women got in touch asking if I’d like to try their Ava Fertility Bracelet, a wearable ovulation tracker. At first I was sceptical – did I want to go back to those days where tracking my cycle took over my life? But after reading up about it I decided to give it a go – there’s no harm in trying I guess?

Ava Fertility Bracelet

Setting up your Ava couldn’t be easier. You simply download the app onto your phone, and sync your bracelet up to it to get your profile registered. You then charge your Ava for a minimum of four hours before wearing it.

You wear the Ava Fertility Bracelet on your wrist while you sleep, meaning there’s minimal effort involved. It’s lightweight so you won’t notice any discomfort during the night. While you’re sleeping, Ava sets to work collecting data on nine different physiological parameters, including your skin temperature and resting pulse rate. Ava’s algorithm then detects your fertile window, physiological stress level, sleep quality, and much more.

In the morning you simply connect your phone to the USB plug that comes with your bracelet, ensuring your Bluetooth is switched on, and the data is collected within a minute or so.

You also have the ability to manually input certain data each day, like your mood and changes to your body, both of which fluctuate depending on where you are in your monthly cycle.

Most fertility trackers on the market use just one or two parameters so can only pinpoint ovulation to one or two days at best. However the Ava Fertility Bracelet detects your fertile period from start to finish – on average 5.3 days per cycle – with 89% accuracy. You’ll receive a notification once your fertile window has started, just like the one below.

Based on the data you enter when first setting up your Ava, and the monthly data that it captures, it also predicts when your period will start. In my case it was spot on, actually predicting that my period had started about an hour before it actually did!

The Ava Fertility Bracelet can also be used throughout pregnancy too, with week by week explanations about what to expect in each week of your pregnancy. Not only that, Ava continues to track your sleep, physiological stress, and resting pulse rate too, factors that are all very important to your health during those nine months.

I must admit I did sometimes forget to wear my bracelet, mainly if I was climbing into bed after a long day, so I’d recommend keeping it right by your bedside if possible. Overall though I love my Ava Fertility Bracelet. It’s easy to use and gives me a thorough insight into my own body and the changes that occur during my cycle. There’s no one product like it on the market and in my opinion that’s what makes it unique.

The Ava Fertility Bracelet retails at £249 which some may consider pricey, especially compared to commonly used ovulation sticks. However I consider it to be a worthwhile investment and something that you will get plenty of use out of month after month.

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*this is a collaboration with Ava Women but all words and opinions are my own